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Our Coronavirus COVID - 19 Policy

Below is a copy of our Coronavirus COVID - 19 Policy and Procedure. We unfortunately are living in difficult times, with the virus still posing a threat to us all. Therefore, we have written and adapted the following policy and procedures to follow to ensure the safety of all of our staff, drivers, and customer and clients.

In response to the recent and ongoing outbreak of the Coronavirus COVID -19 pandemic, we have undertaken risk assessments for both our customers and staff to protect us all against the ongoing threat of the virus. Using these findings, and following both guidelines given by the Government as well as Wychavon District Council (our licensing body) we have drawn up the following procedures to help maintain the safety and welfare of all our customers, colleagues and staff. These procedures are as follows:

Before the start of any shift we will:

  • assess our own health and wellbeing. If there are any signs of a fever, cough, sore throat, or any other symptoms then WE WILL NOT start work but notify our shift manager IMMEDIATELY.

  • in addition to the usual vehicle checks, we will make sure we have an adequate supply of hand sanitiser, disinfectant strays, wipes, rubbish sacks, face masks and tissues for the duration of our shift. Additional supplies will be available from the office.

  • wipe down ALL surfaces with disinfectant spray and disposable wipes, bagging and disposing of the rubbish in a safe and secure manner.

During our shift we will:

  • greet customers and clients in our usual manner, but we will not engage in any physical contact (handshakes, etc) and make them aware of the procedures we are incorporating to help maintain their safety and our own. We will ask them to assist in these policies wherever possible.

  • maintain all social distancing rules WHEREVER possible. Although this is not always possible when driving, we will adhere to this policy when greeting customers, liaising with hotel and restaurant colleagues, or other members of the team.

  • continue to offer any assistance that our customers may require, especially with luggage or supplies, AS LONG AS WE CAN DO SO IN A SAFE MANNER.

  • use hand sanitiser after loading or unloading any luggage, after taking payments, after wiping down the vehicle, or after any coughs or sneezes.

  • Offer the use of hand sanitiser and disposable face masks to any passengers at the start of their journey. As drivers, we are not required to wear face masks whilst working, but we are happy to wear them if the client so wishes, and we will keep adequate supplies in the vehicles.

  • keep an open window wherever possible, or if this is not possible, then we will ensure that the air conditioning is set to extract and not recirculate.

  • try and keep cash handling to a minimum, and encouraging customers to make payments by using a card wherever possible, which we can do using our contactless system (up to £45.00)

  • wipe down all door handles (interior and exterior), seat belt and seat belt clasps, window switches, seats, card payment machines and mobile phones, dashboard and boot lift catches after EVERY journey, and before engaging in another journey. We will also wash our hands in between journeys whenever possible to comply with current guidelines.

  • will liaise with each other continuously during our shifts, and keep each other informed of any potential problem or hazards we encounter.

At the end of our shift we will:

  • Ensure that no belongings have been left behind in any of the vehicles. If any belongings are found in any vehicle then we will report this to the shift manager

  • Give the vehicle a thorough wipe down, including all operational controls, steering wheel, handbrake, gear shift, temperature controls, seat adjustment controls and internal mirrors.

  • dispose safely of discarded wipes, rubbish and facemasks we may have used during the shift, if not already done so, and check all levels of equipment are adequate for the following shift, or the next driver

  • remove all personal belongings, including any folders or recording sheets, magazines, float bags, card payment devices, phone charging cables, drink bottles or containers, and all rubbish.

  • wipe all external door handles and boot catches when locking the vehicle, and finally wiping down any key fobs and key rings before returning any keys to the office.

We may make amendments and additions to these policies as and when further information becomes available, and to comply with the latest Government information. Any additional information or amendments will be sent out in due course.

A copy of our original risk assessments and finding are also available upon request.  


PLEASE NOTE: This Policy and Procedure document has been produced and written by the team at Ace Taxis and Private Hire Ltd. It is intended for exclusive use by its staff, associate drivers, clients and customers. It is based on guidelines and best practices, but it is NOT a universal taxi and private hire operational guideline, and therefore should not be treated as such.

For clarification or any further information then please contact the company using the information listed at the beginning of this document.

Policy Written By Ace Taxis and Private Hire Ltd: Copyright 2020 - No unauthorised copying or duplication without prior permission. Thank you.

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